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The Captain of the Polestar - Preface

1. Preface

2. The Captain of the "Pole-Star"

3. F. Habakuk Jephson's Statement

4. The Great Keinplatz Experiment

5. The Man from Archangel

6. That Little Square Box

7. John Huxford's Hiatus

8. A Literary Mosaic

9. John Barrington Cowles

10. The Parson of Jackman's Gulch

11. The Ring of Thoth

To My Friend
Major-General A. W. Drayson
As a Slight Token of My Admiration
For His Great and as yet Unrecognised Services
To Astronomy
This Volume is Dedicated


For the use of some of the following Tales I am
indebted to the courtesy of the Proprietors of
"Cornhill," "Temple Bar," "Belgravia," "London
Society," "Cassell's," and "The Boy's Own Paper."

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